3 Fat Burning Myths and Facts You Should Be Aware Of

It’s no wonder that many people struggle to lose weight. There’s a lot of misinformation and myths. Some of the myths are rooted in fact. While others seem to have been completely made up. When you know the truth, you’re able to burn fat and lose weight more effectively.

Fat Burning Myth #1: Exercise makes you eat more.

Fact: While this would be a good excuse to skip a workout, it’s not true. In fact, exercise can actually suppress appetite. What may happen is that people are actually thirsty. Thirst mimics hunger when you’re dehydrated. A good glass or two of water may solve the problem. Additionally, exercise boosts metabolism so you burn calories and fat longer.

Fat Burning Myth #2: Cardio exercise only burns fat after you’ve been exercising for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Fact – You burn calories whether you’ve been sitting, sleeping or exercising. After about fifteen to twenty minutes your body switches to a different fuel source ñ fat. However, it’s ultimately about how many calories you burn.

If you have to choose between a short but intense workout and a moderate and long workout, choose the workout that burns more calories. This is often the more intense workout. You’re going to burn a lower fat percentage if you run for twenty minutes compared to walking. However, you’ll burn more than twice as many calories and you’ll burn more fat calories. The quick answerÖalways choose the workout that burns more calories.

Fat Burning Myth #3: High Protein diets help you lose weight via ketosis.

Fact – Ketosis is the process where your body uses fat as an energy source. Primarily because you’re not feeding it enough carbs for quick energy. While a high protein diet can help you lose weight it’s not a healthy approach.

Eating a high protein diet can cause liver problems. You can also suffer from other problems associated with too much saturated fat. It is important to eat a diet rich in lean protein. And protein can help you feel satisfied and full longer. It also balances blood sugar so you have energy longer. A better approach is to eat carbs like fruits, vegetables and whole grain. Eat lean protein and exercise. You’ll burn fat and keep it off.

There are too many fat burning myths to discuss in one article. These three are some of the most common myths. Others tend to center around detoxifying, fasting, and which food items are actually healthy or burn fat. If you’re on a weight loss program or trying to burn fat, don’t believe everything you read or hear. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Ultimately, the key to fat burning and weight loss is to burn more than you consume.