Best Dog Coats for Men

There’s a whole host of the best dog coats for men around and a lot to decide on. If you don’t know what kind of dog coat is best for you then you’ve come to the right place. I first wondered what kind of coat I wanted because I was unsure of color, size, design, price, and style. After reviewing all the options extensively I’ve come to a few conclusions. For the rest of this article I will outline the best dog coats for different groups and you can decide what’s best for you.

Best Dog Coat for Beginners: The Ultimate Choice

Figuring out where the beginners coat stood is an interesting dilemma and one I made because I like making decisions. Overall this one came down to style and for only $95 it was really a steal. With the other dog coats coming in significantly more expensive this seems like the natural choice for those that are just getting into dog coats or maybe don’t have the money. All in all I think this choice is a really solid one, pity it doesn’t come in red.

Best Men’s Dog Coat for Women

By far if you’re looking for a great red choice this could be perfect as it’s easy to see just how well it fits. Fit is obviously one of the most important factors when choosing a woman’s option and the 14ZZ2 fit perfectly despite my initial concerns. Priced at $1000 at 243 Anaheim Road was a bit of an odd choice but it looked so good I couldn’t resist.

Best Dog Coat for Men: Supercharged

The supercharged choice was bizarre to me at first and I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into! I mean… Black stripes with green bells?! Who would have thought I would end up liking the choice so much… It surprised me again and again after that with a crazy cool latch design that really made taking it on and off easier than ever. It’s something I would have expected with the woman’s option quite honestly but even still it works for me.


It’s interesting to me just how many great choices there are out there and how long it took me to decide on the supercharged option. Even though it wasn’t my first choice and I was first put off by the option it makes so much sense now I just can’t say no. And at $325 it isn’t the cheapest option but the style and latch design really sold me. Now, the only choice left is… what is the best dog coat for men in your eyes?