How to Easily Correct Prostate Problems Naturally

correct prostate problems naturally

Natural Treatment for Enlarged Prostate

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate or “BPH”) is a rather common condition that can affect men from around middle age. It is not generally a serious threat to health, although it could interfere with the expulsion of urine from the bladder. The good news is that you can correct prostate problems naturally and safely.

Men often think that having BPH means they might develop prostate cancer; however, this is not true. The risk of developing prostate cancer is no different whether you have an enlarged prostate or not.

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Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate

The prostate is a small gland located immediately beneath the bladder, encircling the urethra. When the prostate becomes enlarged, it can constrict the urethra, making it difficult for urine to pass through. This can cause difficulty in emptying the bladder properly, as well as a frequent need to urinate. It can be a very troublesome condition for some men.

Why Does the Prostate Enlarge?

No-one knows exactly what causes enlargement of the prostate. However, it’s believed to relate to changes in hormonal balance as a man becomes older. Think of how your prostate was once normal-sized but now has become too big. There’s a reason for that – something caused it to become enlarged.

When you have an enlarged prostate, your estrogen and testosterone hormones are seriously out of balance. As long as you have this imbalance in your hormones, you will have BPH.

But why is that hormone imbalance happening? Medical practitioners are guessing to some extent, which is why prostate enlargement treatments can be unreliable. We need to iron out the hormone problem to get a shot at fixing BPH.

VitalFlow Supplement for Prostate Health

Three of the most popular herbs for prostate problems are saw palmetto (berries), stinging nettle and graviola (leaf), also known as soursop. They are among the main herbal ingredients in Vitalflow.

Three Japanese varieties of mushrooms – reishi, maitake and shiitake – are known for supporting prostate health and are included in the Vitaflow ingredients. There are several other plant-based ingredients in the formula. Here is the full ingredients list:

Vitaflow Ingredients List

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The Root of the Enlarged Prostate Problem Revealed

The good news is that now we do know what causes our hormones to go so out of whack. Knowing the origin of prostate enlargement is the key to shrinking the prostate back to its normal size.

This might sound weird at first but the source of the prostate enlargement problem is in the gut. More specifically, it is the gut bacteria. There are hundreds of different bacteria types and each type has its specific job to do. Our gut bacteria do not only keep us healthy, they help to keep us alive.

When they are plentiful and healthy, your gut bacteria perform many important functions in your body:

  • Minimize inflammation
  • Protect against heart and kidney disease
  • Keep our weight in check
  • Regulate cholesterol
  • Stabilize blood sugar
  • Keep moods consistent…

…and many other tasks that keep you alive and well.

Testosterone vs. Estrogen Ratios and BPH

In particular, especially if you are currently suffering from an enlarged prostate, your gut bacteria also manage, regulate and stabilize your male hormones. They see to it that your testosterone and estrogen ratios are maintained correctly. As we have seen, when those two hormones become unbalanced, you can end up with benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Be aware, however, that your gut bacteria are delicate creatures. In order to thrive, they need the correct nutrition and living conditions. Unfortunately, our typical Western lifestyles and diets are not conducive to healthy gut bacteria, for various reasons. This explains why we Westerners suffer from heart disease, cancer, obesity, kidney disease and a range of other metabolic disorders.

After years of neglecting our vital gut bacteria we eventually become ill. An enlarged prostate is one of the consequences of this neglect. Your BPH can’t get better until you fix your gut bacteria.

Scott Davis: “The Prostate Protocol”

what foods are good for shrinking the prostate

Protocol to Correct Prostate Problems Naturally

Scott Davis is a holistic-health practitioner who has created The Prostate Protocol program to correct your prostate problems naturally. This is his proven rescue plan for benign prostatic hyperplasia. It focuses on the specific gut bacteria that can bring your hormone imbalance back to normal.

Once you follow the steps laid out in The Prostate Protocol, your BPH won’t stand a chance.

You need to know what food your specific bacteria need to beat BPH. When it comes to revitalizing those depleted bacteria, there are specific foods that are super-powerful. There are also some not-so-healthy foods that you’ll need to avoid for a while. You can’t take a guess at that, you’ll have to get it exactly right. This is what The Prostate Protocol will show you.

During the first few weeks of following The Prostate Protocol is when those good, healthy gut bacteria get to re-growing. Eating the prescribed foods and restricting the bad ones will get your gut back into shape. Your hormones and the inflammation will ease out and that will be the main job done. From then on it will be super easy to maintain your gut bacteria in a happy condition.

What you will be pleased to hear is that it’s not about avoiding the foods you love. It’s about eating enough of the foods that your gut bacteria love.

The PSA Test

How will you know for sure that your prostate’s shrinkage is due to your following The Prostate Protocol? One way is to take a PTA test (Prostate-Specific Antigen test) just before you begin the protocol. Then take another test after 6 weeks and again after 12 weeks. In those weeks you’ll be able to follow how your prostate is reducing in size.

Having an enlarged prostate or a healthy one has become a matter of choice. Instead of continuing to have restless nights, medications that don’t work and the possibility of invasive surgery, your life can become normal again.

All it takes is a few weeks of following The Prostate Protocol to forever remove the cause of your BPH and correct prostate problems naturally!

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