Did You Know That Tripping & Falling Is Not Caused By Age?

Despite popular belief, your trips and falls have nothing to do with you getting older. It all comes down to one thing, that is a sleeping nerve in your foot that’s responsible for over 97 percent of trips and falls for people at the age of 60 and over. According to the likes of Harvard and Cambridge University, this same under the radar problem in your foot that’s responsible for 28,000 deaths from falls each year in older men and women. These trips and falls will double your chances of taking a nasty spill that requires invasive surgery and months of rehab after a certain age.

This Life Saving Ritual Is Just The Thing You Need

It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’re overweight, bed ridden, have arthritis, or you're on a laundry list of prescription medications. This 10-second ritual will revive the dead nerve in your foot to automatically spring into action and contract the muscles in your leg to catch you. Even while you’re standing or walking, you’ll ensure the strength and stability in your lower half feels like you’re 20 all over again. So you can walk easily again and without worry.

What do you think the #1 balance exercise is for seniors?

According to a recent Harvard study, one of these following exercises could improve your balance up to a staggering 92%.

Can you guess what it is?

This exercise activate a little-known nerve sleeping inside your leg. It helps improve balance, strength, and stability and even help prevent future falling. .

Be Confident With Every Step You Take

To never have to worry about falling or tripping if you’re alone in your home or outside and ending up in the hospital? Just imagine enjoying the special gift that is your independence for years to come all because you’ve brought this one fall-prevention nerve back to life that blocks you from crashing to the floor. Not only that, with each step you do take, this important nerve will make the smallest, minute, millisecond adjustments in the muscles of your lower leg to guarantee you NEVER slip no matter what shoes you’re wearing, or what terrain you’re walking on.

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