Get Better Muscle Recovery With Hydrogen Water

How Hydrogen Water Helps Muscle Recovery

How Does Hydrogen Water Help Muscle Recovery?

Athletes are always on the lookout for new ways to improve recovery time after exercise. Daily stress factors such as insufficient sleep, over-training and a hectic lifestyle can dull mental clarity and frustrate optimal performance. Drinking hydrogen water before and during exercise can increase the effectiveness of your workouts and greatly speed up recuperation. Read on to discover how hydrogen water helps muscle recovery.

Hydrogen can help you, as an athlete, train harder and recover more rapidly without losing any gains. Studies have shown that hydrogen reduces inflammation and oxidative stress that results from heavy exercise.

Even if you’re not an athlete, hydrogen can fight any imbalances in your general health and help to get your system back to homeostasis.

Benefits of Hydrogen Water for Athletes

  • Protects the body – Hydrogen boosts the healing mechanism of every muscle, tendon, ligament and joint in your body. It protects against injuries caused by over-use, such as tears, strains, sprains and stress fractures.
  • Rapid recoveryHydrogen supports rapid recovery from your workouts. It reduces excessive inflammation and oxidative damage so you can get back onto the track or to the gym more quickly.
  • Boosts athletic performance – Research shows us that hydrogen enhances energy, decreases fatigue and accelerates muscle recovery.

Drink HRW” Hydrogen Water Tablets

Drink HRW Rejuvenation tablets are currently the only legal open-cup hydrogen water tablets available. Dropped into a glass of water, they create hydrogen water in seconds. This is the simplest – and the least expensive – hydrogen water generator you’ll find. There’s no need to invest in an expensive hydrogen water machine.

How to Use Drink HRW Rejuvenation Tablets

benefits of hydrogen water for athletes
Molecular hydrogen water tablets

Fill a glass with 12-16 ounces of fresh water. Drop one Drink HRW tablet into the water and watch it react to the water. Allow the tablet to dissolve – it will create millions of hydrogen-filled nano-bubbles.

Once the water becomes cloudy with bubbles, your hydrogen water will be ready to drink.

You can use any type of water to make your hydrogen water; it can be filtered, distilled or tap. However, avoid using high-pH water, e.g. from an ionizer. High-pH water will reduce the amount of hydrogen that is produced. Tap water pH level is generally around 7.5.

Using a Bottle for Your Hydrogen Water

The DrinkHRW Rejuvenation tablets have been formulated to achieve the highest levels of hydrogen when prepared in an open glass or cup. However, if you want to make your hydrogen water in a bottle, prepare your water with the bottle cap off. Wait until the tablet is about 80% reacted, then put the cap on and shake the bottle until the reaction finishes. The remaining hydrogen will naturally saturate into the water. You don’t need to buy a hydrogen water bottle!

You can order DrinkHRW Rejuvenation tablets in regular or raspberry flavor (contains natural raspberry powder).

Hydrogen-Enriched Bath Water for Relaxation and Recovery

You work out hard to get results. But a killer workout can also bring muscle soreness, which can slow you down and impact your performance. For a muscle-relaxing hydrogen bath, drop some H2 Relief Bath Tablets in warm bath water and soak.

You have discovered how hydrogen water helps muscle recovery safely and speedily. Hydrogen water is one of the most powerful antioxidants we know. It improves endurance, supports weight loss and increases metabolism. If you have any questions about hydrogen water, visit the Drink HRW Frequently-Asked-Questions page.

“I have a skin issue, with many spots and itchiness. After using molecular hydrogen for a month, I have noticed that the itchiness has subsided and some of the spots are fading. My sleep has improved beyond anything I can explain. I will continue to use H2 and recommend it to family and friends.”


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