Instant Knockout – The Best Fat Burner?

Anyone who knows a thing or two about the body have always given fat burners a bad rap. They’re almost always a money grab from those who don’t know how burning fat actually works. I first tried fat burners in the early 2000s when I was first looking to lose weight and build muscle. Frankly, they were all terrible.  They did nothing to help me lose weight or build muscle. I ended up feeling bloated after a quick energy kick (and subsequent crash) with much emptier pockets. Instant Knockout is different.

Coming from that beginning I’ve always been super skeptical of fat burners. I’ve tried a few every now and again at trade shows and from the gym. Instant Knockout I thought would be the same, but boy was I wrong. It’s the latest fat burner from the folks at Roar Ambition. I’d heard good things about them in passing but I’d never tried any of their products until Instant Knockout.

What is it?

MMA fighters and boxers who are looking to burn fat were the initial targets of Instant Knockout. Conveniently this also makes it perfect for those looking for rapid results. Luckily there’s nothing inherent to the product that makes it only work for those aforementioned professionals thanks to its simple formulation.

Fortunately Instant Knockout doesn’t use any gimmicky or unproven ingredients. Instant Knockout uses all natural ingredients with a long and honest history in the health space. Because of this the results aren’t going to be as powerful as some of the more powerful supplements out there. But more importantly it’ll also be entirely safe and effective across a larger swath of people. Its three main ingredients are green tea, cayenne pepper and glucomannan. These work to speed up your metabolism and suppress your appetite, significantly unlocking huge weight loss. Then it has a healthy amount of caffeine giving you the energy boost you need.

My Experiences

I first started using Instant Knockout earlier this year after I’d gained around fifteen pounds over the holidays. I’m always a glutton around Thanksgiving and Christmas! Within a couple of weeks I’d lost the fat and was back fighting fit and strong. Important for me as I want to provide a good image for my clients and feel great day to day. After one of my clients, let’s call him Doug, had seen my results he asked about Instant Knockout. His rate of weight-loss almost doubled after he tried it. So it wasn’t just me!

Learn more about Instant Knockout here

What’s in Instant Knockout?

Green Tea: One of the most well-known natural remedies with a whole host of terrific health benefits. Green tea contains the active ingredient catechin which has been shown in numerous studies to boost your metabolism helping you burn fat fast.

Cayenne Pepper: This smart use of cayenne pepper boosts your body’s core temperature making it burn calories and suppress your appetite.

Piperine: I’m a tad skeptical about this one. It’s the main known ingredient in black pepper and according to some studies has the benefit of blocking the production of new fat cells. The science seems to add up but I’m not entirely convinced.

Glucomannan: This lesser-known dietary fiber (like what you’d get from oat bran) expands when it reaches your stomach making you feel fuller, smart stuff. After reading up on it I’m totally convinced despite my initial skepticism.

Caffeine Anhydrous: No, it’s not just in your daily coffees or energy drinks, it’s actually a powerful (and natural) metabolism booster breaking down fat quicker giving the results most desired. In concert with the cayenne pepper it’s incredibly powerful.

Vitamin B6: In its natural form B6 is what’s known as pyridoxine which is what’s used here. It helps the body properly convert food into energy decreasing the odds of it turning up as fat if not burned off and boosting muscle growth too – a nice plus.

Vitamin B12: B12 works in a similar fashion to B6 but focuses more on turning carbohydrates into glucose which your body uses for energy and boosting muscle growth here too.

GTF Chromium: This is key in keeping your body’s energy regulated so you don’t crash. It’s what lots of other fat burners and workout supplements seem to miss.

Zinc: Zinc is one of the main nutrients that works to keep your testosterone levels at their peak which is hugely important if you’re looking to build muscle or lose fat.

Green Coffee Beans: Think coffee beans before they’ve been roasted, what you lose when you roast a coffee bean is the enzyme glucose- 6-phosphatase. Studies show that this enzyme slows down the rate that your body absorbs fat after you eat.

All of this culminates in a healthy, effective and importantly, safe fat burner that actually works and can be taken regularly. No, it’s not going to help you burn twenty pounds of fat in two days but it’ll give you a great boost and hugely quicken your results.

Will it work for you?

It’s one of the most universal supplements I’ve ever seen because of its unique combination of ingredients. There’s nothing sex-specific about the product so it works well for both men and women. The only caveat I’d mention is that the person taking Instant Knockout should to be fairly active otherwise its benefits are likely to be strongly mitigated.

Moving past my hugely positive experiences and those of Doug, it seems others are having equally good results – if not better! MMA fighter Diego Sanchez endorses the product as well as many of its regular users online I’ve found.

The Alternatives

Instant Knockout does have some competitors, each with their own pros and cons. Overall I’d say Instant Knockout does probably the best job of being all things to all people. Phen375 is another popular fat burner that seems to work better for some people. Overall it doesn’t seem to have the effectiveness with as many people as Instant Knockout however.

More details about Instant Knockout

How do I take it?

Instant Knockout is designed to be taken four times a day: once with breakfast, once at lunchtime, once in the afternoon, and once with dinner. Again if you’re sensitive to caffeine make sure you’re doing all the common sense stuff. Take it a few hours before bed, get regular exercise, be careful of other caffeine intake etc. Also take the time to find the right dosage for you — after all every body is different.

Possible Side Effects

One thing about Instant Knockout I would initially be wary of is the caffeine. If you’re particularly sensitive to caffeine then start with two or three a day and go from there. Otherwise I can’t see anyone having an issue with it.

How do I get it?

I’ve always bought Instant Knockout direct from the website and I’ve never had any issues. They’ve always sent my lot within a day or two. They also offer a 90-day refund guarantee (although I’ve never had to use it).

Conclusion – Is it worth your hard-earned dollars?

Instant Knockout is surprisingly great. My results alone are enough for me to give a strong recommendation. Instant Knockout’s all-natural, effective ingredients are unmatched. You might want to lower your dosage if caffeine is an issue for you though. And sure, I’d like it if Instant Knockout was more affordable but for something this effective I really can’t complain.

Get Instant Knockout here


  • All-natural ingredients really do work to burn fat quickly (and more importantly, safely)
  • Doesn’t risk burning muscle mass
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easily integrates into your daily life


  • Not the most affordable
  • If you’re sensitive to caffeine Instant Knockout might be too strong four times a day
  • Doesn’t work miracles

Have you tried Instant Knockout? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’ll try and answer any questions you have too.

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